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Rreplica watches (Rolex) movement, how to say it! We never use polished smooth layout to describe the swiss replica watches (Rolex) movement, in short, it is stable, in short, it is accurate. Stable, not the general precision and stability, but unparalleled precision and stability. A 50's ROLEX (Rolex) movement, as long as it had a very mild maintenance, to today will still be accurate walking. Say ROLEX (Rolex) never focus on the appearance of movement, only follow the practical direction of progress, you will find that decades of watch shape and movement of the appearance will not make a major change, the Japanese watch magazine and even use the microscope To distinguish the subtle differences between the dial and the movement, it can be said for decades with almost the same appearance and movement hit the world invincible hand, this is not called sacred, this is not called the classic can also be called! So ROLEX (Rolex)fake watches is not popular with transparent bottom Transparent why, if a movement polished beyond the Geneva mark, but did not go to the precise capital, this kind of movement you will want it? Will you respect it? COSC Swiss Observatory certification, I believe we are familiar with; have this name of the watch, are the strength and confidence to ensure. According to insiders, 2013 COSC tested a total of about 1.7 million pieces of movement, of which ROLEX (Rolex) accounted for about half of the 800,000. However, ROLEX (Rolex) this year, suddenly put forward a new set of their own test methods, claiming to require twice as strict as the COSC! COSC daily error of -4 / +6 seconds, ROLEX (Rolex) to challenge, is the daily -2 / +2 seconds! Compared to Japan's Grand Seiko's -3 / + 5 seconds but also harsh. ROLEX (Rolex) new test no specific new name, but with the Superlative Chronometer, but with the COSC is different, the test sample is not a movement but the case of a complete watch with a watch, so more with the daily Wear close to the situation. The first call to the battlefield, this year Baselworld new debut Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, it is carrying the secret weapon is 14 patented technology Cal.3255 new automatic movement.