Sahara legend

Still remember, the last time you are grateful for the praise and write someone else's good words, when is the matter? We are now living online generation, is replica watches not really only "bad things thousands of miles" it? Many people seem to be subject to a little bit of aggrieved, the first thing is the Internet to discuss justice, threatening to deal with if necessary to rolex replica watches broke the news to Apple, Negative energy in the community scurry, to stimulate people's epinephrine continue to secrete, and then eager to see more quarrels and disputes. Will not, the future we are gradually forgotten how to praise others, how to say good words? Rolex yesterday in its official website, published by rolex replica consumers to write their letter of thanks, so I feel so made. In the past years, Rolex often received the guests spontaneously wrote to them, the letter tells the story of his own and Rolex. Think about it, in the absence of email or online information, these letters were handwritten or typed, and then from around the world to international mail sent to the Swiss Rolex company. This kind of letter contains a lot of affection. The basic love letter comes. Rolex had assembled these letters and published them to the public in 1957, 1969, 1981 and 1990. Yesterday, Rolex selected several of these historical records and created illustrations in comic style. Let the watch fans appreciate the beauty of the year. The theme is: Every Rolex tells a story. Story 1: Mount Everest I have been wearing a Rolex sailor type for 17 years and have traveled all over the world for mountaineering expeditions (including Mount Everest), underwater archaeological research (including sneak into the world's deepest 19,300 ft Deepest), through the desert, skydiving, jungle exploration, and many anthropological research. I suspect that there will be other people on the Rolex watches so severe punishment? However, even so, it is still very perfect to operate. Story 2: Frozen Miracles In January 1985, I took part in the European Cup skiing event held near Salzburg, where I needed my Rolex watch. But unfortunately, at the end of the game, I found my watch lost. I immediately informed the bureau and asked them if my watch was found to inform me immediately. I almost gave up hope. Two and a half months later, I received a phone call, very incredible, it was found in the snow it: it has been frozen in the ice for more than two months. The person who finds it must break the ice with a hammer to take it out. Even more unbelievable is that Rolex is still working properly and the pointer and date are still normal. I am very happy that your product is a real survivor. From Christa Kinshofer, Germany, 5 October 1986 I would like to tell you that we are wearing a Rolex explorer, driving yacht "Aries" to travel to and from the Atlantic when the story. When we drove the petty boat and set a new Atlantic round-trip record, we were all relied on the Rolex explorer watch, not just to see the time, but also to take it to navigate. This proves that when the watch has a precise timing ability, we can successfully navigate under the most difficult conditions. From C. Harcourt-Smith, UK, November 29, 1954 Note: C. Harcourt-Smith set a record of driving a lifeboat on August 20, 1954, Story 4: Sahara legend I am very happy to tell you that I am very satisfied with my Rolex. It provides a very good service, because it really passed the test. We have this trip, and there is no very good weather conditions. We have to face very terrible dust storms, and sometimes even for several days without any rest. In the journey, I took another ordinary watch, so take it to do with Rolex performance comparison. However, it was broken after five days. On the other hand, Rolex is to continue accurate timing, admirable. At the same time I would like to add that my Rolex in the desert by a variety of people reverence. The most shocking of them is not only automatic winding, but it is completely waterproof. Every time I'm always happy to prove it. From H.-C. Golay, April 21, 1954 Note: H.-C. Golay succeeded in carrying out the Sahara Desert Quest in 1954 See this many people write their own story with the Rolex watch, you are not also want to write a letter to the watch brand love letter it? Wear an alarm on hand! Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Hurricane watch limited edition Among the many complex functions of the mechanical watch, I think the most fun and the most practical function is the alarm. Why dare to categorically so assert? Give a Chen Jiedong Jamie Chen Photo | Chen Zhemin Jamie Chen Watches and clocks