Than Rolex makes more money Apple Watch last year earned 6 billion

Since the emergence of smart replica watches uk , the traditional swiss replica watches industry began to be threatened, which the impact of the Swiss watch industry is very obvious. In the fourth quarter of last year, for example, sales of smart watches reached 8.1 million, while Switzerland produced only 7.9 million watches, less than smart watches, more than the same period in 2014 to reduce. Apple Watch in the smart fake watches market accounted for the most in the fourth quarter of last year, up to 63%. Apple Watch and iPhone will be the first to introduce the proceeds of comparison, the former turned out to be the latter 2 times, it is very powerful. Google Ventures partner MG Siegler earlier reproduced on Twitter reports were shocking, the famous watch brand Rolex last year's total revenue is 4.5 billion US dollars, this figure is not too bad for Rolex, Apple Watch's first year earnings Even up to 6 billion, not only more than 1.5 billion US dollars Rolex to the top Swiss watch manufacturers last year, about 20 billion US dollars to calculate the total revenue, Apple Watch alone has reached 30% level. It is worth mentioning that this is only Apple Watch first year results.